Ways to Earn

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Earn Swag bucks through various ways (listed below) and trade them in for prizes in the Swag store! My favorite prize is the Amazon gift cards, you only need 450 Swagbucks to redeem it, and it doesn't expire once you put it in your Amazon account! Stack them up and up, then use it when you're ready :-)

~Tips on using Swagbucks~
1) Searching! You win Swagbucks randomly through searching with their search engine. Remember, you don't get a win every time you search, but if you use it throughout the day you'll usually end up with two or three wins!

2) NOSO - No Obligation Special Offers. Every day you can click through the offers path and at the end enter the words they ask you to. You earn 2 Swagbucks daily for doing this!

3) Daily Poll - Answer the question in the Daily Poll to earn one Swagbuck! One doesn't seem like much, but if you do this everyday it does add up!

4) Special Offers - Some are free, and some you have to pay for. Search through them all and see what interests you! I signed up for Gamefly through the special offers and earned 1,000 Swagbucks for it, plus my husband just loves it!

5) SBTV - Swagbucks television. Watch videos and fill up the meter to win Swagbucks!

6) Games - Play games to earn Swagbucks! Enter tournaments to win even more :-)

7) Get referrals! Once you sign up and start earning, get your friends to sign up as your referral and you will win what they win (through searching only) up to 1,000 Swagbucks!

8) Tasks - Do their tasks to earn pretty good amounts of Swagbucks. Some take longer than others, but they usually pay out more!

9) Trusted Surveys - these are a great way to earn Swagbucks! If you qualify and are able to complete the surveys, you'll be getting tons of Swagbucks in no time.

Superpoints is similar to Swagbucks, meaning you trade virtual points for prizes. I've only been using Superpoints for a couple of months and have already cashed out quite a few times for Paypal cash and Amazon gift cards! One big difference is that anybody can sign up for Swagbucks, but Superpoints is by invitation only. Here are some invites to get you started:
Invitation #1
Invitation #2
Invitation #3
Invitation #4
Invitation #5
Invitation #6

Once an invitation is claimed, you have to use another link. 

~Tips on using Superpoints~
1) Super Lucky Button - Spin the button and see if you get lucky! As you advance levels (Basic, Gold, Platinum, etc.), you will get more spins on the button daily. 

2) Super Lucky Emails - These arrive in your email inbox almost daily, sometimes every few days. Sometimes you'll have a small one, sometimes big! Make sure to look for them each day.

3) Complete Offers - Similar to Swagbucks...some offers are free and some you pay for. Search through them all and see what interests you!

4) Watch Videos - When videos become available, you can watch them to earn a few points here and there. Not a big earner, but they do add up!

5) Referrals! They can play a big part in how many prizes you get, because you earn what your referral earns on the Super Lucky Button! And as they advance levels too, they get more spins, which means more points for you too!

Have you heard of Beezag? It seems to be less popular than the other rewards sites, but just as awesome! Definitely much more simple! All you have to do is watch short videos, usually between 10 and 30 seconds long. Two numbers will pop up white watching, and at the end you enter them into the form they show. That's it! You earn points for each video, plus sweepstakes entries on most! Referrals are nice to have too, because you earn 10% of what they earn! When you get to 8,000 points (sounds like a lot I know, but it adds up quickly!), you can cash out for $8 Paypal cash. Check it daily for new videos! Sign up HERE!

Have you heard of Smiley360? It's a great site that lets you try products for FREE! You apply for and accept a "mission" from them and they send you a package with fun products! So far I have tested these products:
1) A pack of BIC Soleil razors (which were amazing by the way!)
2) Redbox - they sent me a free Redbox rental code
3) alift - A tasteless energy shot drink that really works!
4) PAM - the package included a coupon for a free can of PAM cooking spray, a very nice Pyrex baking dish, and a spatula.
5) Children's Advil Liquid Suspension

Ready to sign up and start getting FREE products to try? CLICK HERE!

iRazoo is a newer reward site, you earn points basically the same ways you earn them from Swag Bucks...searching, tasks, special offers, etc. Click here to try it out!